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Sponsor Kit

Sponsor Kit

MEMBER Kit Includes:


- Name put in the special thank you section of the photobook.


- The official Vochos Unidos kit: A VU shirt, a tote bag, 3 vinyl decals, and more:


- Discounts on merchandise and priority access to merchandise raffles.


- Connect through our exclusive forums for clubs / events / caravans / throughout the Mexican Republic. * to come


- Priority access to Vochos Unidos reports.


- Includes a discount on the cost of the membership, for the purchase of the photobook.


  • INFO

    This project will be presented as a photobook. Apyanos and the photographer Rodrigo Gaya Villar produce and publish this documentary.

    Join the band with the "Vochos Photographer" shirt, a canvas tote bag, and access to discounts, reports .

    Perfect for your car tools, or the trip to the supermarket. It can be hand washed in cold water.

    Includes 3 vinyl decals of the logo.


    The project's end goal is to produce a photobook. Join us in this project.

    Join the crew with your canvas bag, with screen printing with the Vochos Unidos logo.

    Perfect as a gift for your lady, or for your vocho tools. It can be hand washed in cold water.

    Includes 3 vynil-cut stickers of the Vochos Unidos logo.


    No returns, all final sales. Please ask if the product arrives damaged or is not what you ordered.


    No returns, there you go final. Please inquire if product arrives damaged or isn´t what you ordered.

  • MAIL

    Shipping from Tepoztlán Morelos.


    Mexico Post - 2-3 weeks.

    DHL - one week.

    International may take up to 2 extra weeks.

    It is insured.

    It is sent the day after the order. They will receive a tracking number and will be responsible for receiving it.



    Shipping from Tepoztlán Morelos, Mexico


    Mexico Post 2-3 weeks.
    DHL one week.


    International shipping may take up to 2 weeks longer.

    It comes insured.
    Ships the day after the order.

Excluding Sales Tax
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